DAIH Board of Trustees

DAIH Board of Directors consists of 30 members (The General Assembly). The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the management of the Association as stipulated in the bylaws.

The Executive Committee (8 members) is elected by the Board from within its members for a term of three years, and it includes the following members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 4 members at large.

Board of Trustees

Oussama Choucair
Dr. Lina Tannir
Vice President
Ossmane Arakji
Dr. Saeed Jazaerly
Salim Diab
Kaled Farchoukh
Randa Kanaan
Mazen Zeeni

Board Members

Me. Ziad Chehab

Mr. Omar Sultani

Mr. Omar Debs

Mrs. Hana Bsat Naja

Dr. Mohamad Itani

Eng. Mohammad Houry

Dr. Abla El Sibai Mehio

Mr. Nabil Haddad

Dr. Nadim Daouk

Mrs. Shafica Dayya Omari

Ousama Dimashkieh

Dr. Wissam Solh

Mr. Mohamad Mehio

Mr. Abdul Hafiz Darwich

Ms. Noha Hachach

Mrs. Ghina Sabra Dandan

Randa Fawaz El Fil

Mr. Walid Chehade

Hisham Mokammal

Mohammad Salam

Mr. Abduallah Darwish

Dr. Jamil Chaaban

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